Vaultskin Covid-19 Update (1): Contactless payments & RFID security

Supermarkets are increasingly asking for card payments which is more than reasonable in times of Covid-19.⁠

According to CNBC contactless payments jumped 40%. But what many people do not consider when using contactless payment devices is their data security. 🔊⁠

Are you and your friends, family members and colleagues well equipped with RFID protection?

VAULTSKIN offers you two reliable and minimalist solutions to protect your data:

1) You can either place the VAULTCARD in your wallet.

2) You can choose one of our RFID protected wallets e.g. our NOTTING HILL zipper wallet.

In both cases you enjoy unmatched RFID security while doing your shopping. 🛒✅⁠⠀

If you want to know more about the dangers associated with RFID technology and how criminals steal data check out our latest blog post: RFID & ME – Why we need RFID protection at any time here.


NOTTING HILL Zipper Wallet

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