Who we are

Vaultskin is a young, creative, international team based in London. We pride ourselves in our diverse expertise and innovation. Our founders, Alex and Diana have background in architecture and engineering which gave them the vision to create the first Vaultskin phone case.
Our team is a mix of experience and youth with backgrounds in finance, architecture, industrial design, engineering and IT. Having a widely international team we try to be broad with our thinking and look forward to the next good idea. A strong connection to design and engineering influences our hard work and attention to detail.  
We combine a pursuit of excellence with usability and trendiness. Making a nice looking product is good, making one that is easy to use and works well is even better. That is always our goal. These have been our priorities since the beginning.
Vaultskin produces stylish and practical accessories for your phone, as well as wallets and our groundbreaking VaultCard. We believe that these products should simplify your movements and transactions during the day. Our products range from smartphone sleeves and cases to wallets, which are engineered to block unwanted RFID skimming. VaultCard is our latest creation that offers exceptional protection for your RFID cards.

How we create and produce our products

We are constantly thinking of new, more efficient devices and features to make life easier. From careful monitoring of every stage of production, to ensuring the highest quality standards and listening to our clients’ feedback, we strive to keep our products as simple, functional and stylish as possible.