More facts about Victoria Phone Case Part 2:

More facts about Victoria Phone Case Part 2:

- Sleek, secure pockets conceal and protect up to 10 cards and a small amount of cash
- Cards and cash are secured by a strap and clip
- Vaultskin’s signature retractable leather strap and metal buckle gives quick access to two frequently used cards
- The premium leather holds your iPhone securely while allowing you to keep a firm grip on your device.
- Protect the integrity of your phone: phone case covers all four corners of your iPhone while the molded rubber and strong plastic backing help absorb impact from minor falls.
- A durable internal shell with smart rubber padding and high-quality plastic backing for rigidity help absorb impact from moderate falls.
- A raised lip protects the touchscreen against scratches.
- All function phone buttons are covered to protect them and keep them in a good condition.
- A secure, high-quality adjustable and detachable leather or leather/ metal combination strap.
- Soft, velvety microfibre inside the case prevents scratching the back of your phone in the case.

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VICTORIA Case - Chain Strap

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