FAQ, Questions from our customers about Vaultskin


Q: I recently purchased a Vaultskin Chelsea Wallet, and had some questions regarding it. Firstly, is the spring that releases the cards in the main pocket of the wallet magnetic? And if so, will this pose future problems in payment cards / national ID’s that use NFC technology due to de-magnetization?

A: Our Chelsea wallet does not have any magnets inside, though we use metallic mesh lining to protect cards from electromagnetic signals and block unauthorized RFID access. By the way, magnets can only affect the magnetic stripe on a card (and only under certain circumstances), but RFID/NFC chips are not affected by magnets at all. 

Q: What exactly is the maximum number of cards that can fit into each slot of the Chelsea?

A: Regarding the amount of cards the answer is "it depends". Credit cards with punched letters are thicker than plain cards. Also our Chelsea wallet is made of genuine leather, wich will stretch after a while. So carrying a lot of cards may make it loose. We indicate, that Chelsea is suitable for 8 cards, but this is a guiding value rather than a rule.

Q: What is the little tab for?

A: The tab is connected to a flat elastic strap, so that when you pull on it, it will lift the cards up. They will pop up about a half inch out the top where you can easily grab the card you're looking for. It automatically retracts back into position when released.



Q: How many cards can the Vaultskin MAYFAIR wallet hold?

A: The wallet can hold up to 9 cards - 5 cards in exterior pockets and 4+ inside, all of which are RFID protected. 

Q: What is the wallet's special RFID protection feature?

A: The RFID protection shields your cards and ID from thieves using scanners to steal contactless payment information and ID data. The wallet's superior technology blocks electronic signals in both exterior and interior pockets.

Q: Does this wallet have a coin compartment?

A: Yes, the wallet features an expanding inner section designed to securely store coins, notes, and small items such as keys, SIM cards, or data sticks. 

Q: What type of material is the wallet made from?

A: The wallet is made from premium Italian leather, ensuring a luxurious feel and durability. 

Q: How do I access my frequently used cards easily?

A: The wallet has 3 exterior pockets for easy access to your most-used cards. One hidden pocket features Vaultskin's signature smart strap, which pulls up the card and then self-retracts for the next use. The smart strap is designed to pull up the cards placed in the compartment BETWEEN the very front pocket and the zipper part.

Q: Is the wallet suitable as a gift?

A: Yes, the Vaultskin MAYFAIR wallet comes beautifully packaged in a luxurious gift box, making it a perfect gift for anyone.

Q:What are the color options available for the wallet?

A: The wallet comes in three color options: black with cognac trim, brown with cognac trim, and cognac with navy trim.

Q: What makes the coin compartment secure?

A: The coin compartment is designed with expanding side walls and a premium YKK zipper, ensuring that coins and small items won't slip out.

Q: Can I store banknotes in this wallet?

A: Yes, the expanding inner section can securely hold banknotes along with coins and small items.

Q: What are the dimensions of the wallet?

A: The wallet has a slim, minimalist design that easily fits in your pocket while providing ample storage for cards, coins, and other small items. The wallet's dimensions are 79 x 105 x 13mm, and it weighs 70g.



Q: Does this wallet fit international bills?

A: The Manhattan wallet is particularly made for US Dollars and other bills up to L 192mm (7.56") x H 69mm (2.64"). If interested, please take a look at its sister wallet, CITY, which can hold British Pounds and Euros and other bills up to L 144mm (5.67") x H 87mm (3.43").

Q: Is it unisex or only for men?

A: The wallet is not particularly made for men. it is made for anyone who likes the simple an elegant design.

Q: Will bills from my country fit MANHATTAN wallet?

A: Recommended Wallet for the following countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Russia, China, Brazil.



    Q: Hi, what type of leather is this made from?

    A: All of our wallets are made from top grain cow leather made in Italy.

    Q: Can this wallet carry coins?

    A: This bifold wallet has no coins compartment.Our Notting Hill zipper wallet might be a better fit for you.

    Q: Will bills from my country fit CITY wallet?

    A: Recommended Wallet for the following countries: Eurozone, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.



    Q: How many cards will it hold?

    A: Our Belgravia wallet has a high capacity: Slots take 10 cards (you can store 2-3 cards in one pocket). There is also space for cash and small items.

    Q: Compared to the Notting Hill, is the extra 10 mm in thickness spread over the whole wallet or just where the snapped pull strap sits?

    A: Yes, this is correct. Additional thickness comes from the pull strap (and extra dividers within the wallet itself). The Belgravia wallet is about 2 cm thick if the strap is excluded. The Notting Hill wallet is ca. 17 mm thick.

    Q: Is there an external key hook on this wallet?

    A: No, there is no external key hook on our Belgravia wallet. Nevertheless, a key can be stored on both sides of the middle compartment.



    Q: Does the VAULTCARD need a battery or other power source?

    A: VAULTCARD is powered by the electromagnetic signal of the RFID devices it detects, so it doesn’t need its own power source. Other RFID fraud protectors on the market rely on battery power, which needs to be recharged. 

    Q: How far away does an RFID-enabled credit or debit card need to be from VAULTCARD before it works for a normal transaction?

    A: Hold your payment card 20cm away from your VAULTCARD to use it for legitimate transactions. 

    Q: Does the VAULTCARD interfere with mobile phone signals?

    A: VAULTCARD is designed to protect cards in its immediate vicinity and will not affect mobile phone signals.

    Q: How many cards can VAULTCARD protect?

    A: If VAULTCARD is placed in the middle of your wallet, all RFID enabled cards will be protected within 4cm of the card, in wallets up to 8cm thick. 

    Q: Can VAULTCARD de-magnetize my other credit cards? 

    A: In short NO. In general RFID and VAULTCARD use the low-end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The waves VAULTCARD generates are no more dangerous then the waves coming to your car radio. Which mean the magnetic component of the electromagnetic waves VAULTCARD generates is extremely small.  

    Q: How to test jamming abilities of the card?

    A: Blocking cards only work if they are inserted in front of a bank card and only if they are literally next to it. If you remove a blocking card by a fraction of an inch from the card it is protecting, the card can be easily scanned. VAULTCARD on the other hand works irrespective of where it is placed (behind or in front) and can be separated from the cards it is protecting by 4cm.

    Q: How does the VAULTCARD perform regarding waterproofness, and can it handle being dipped in water?

    A: Waterproofness and Durability Against Dunking: The VAULTCARD, much like standard credit cards, doesn't have specific waterproofing measures. It's designed primarily for RFID protection. Therefore, we should advise customers to treat the VAULTCARD as they would a credit card, which means it's best to avoid exposing it to water or dunking it to prevent potential damage.

    Q: Given that the VAULTCARD operates on energy absorbed from electromagnetic signals and does not require external power, how does it handle going through X-ray machines at airport security? Considering the different frequencies it operates on and any potential filters within the card's circuitry, is there a risk of damaging the card's circuitry when passing through these security checks?

    A: Interaction with X-Ray Machines at Airport Security: The VAULTCARD is safe to pass through X-ray machines at airport security. Its operation is based on electromagnetic jamming technology, powered by the electromagnetic signals from RFID scanners, without requiring a battery or external power source. The frequencies used by X-ray machines in airport security are significantly different from the operational frequencies of the VAULTCARD, so passing through these security measures won't damage the card's circuitry or affect its functionality.



     Q: How long is the crossbody strap?

    A: It is variable and has a length of 130-150 cm.

    Q: Does it have RFID protection for credit cards?

    A: No, there is no RFID protection.

    Q: Is the hardware on the strap and case silver or gold?

    A: The metal parts are gold. 

    Q: I carry my phone in pants pockets when possible but this looks great. Wondering if it's too bulky to still be able to fit in my pocket if wanted.

    A: The product dimensions of our Victoria cases are: 2.9 x 0.6 x 5.7 inches. You can take the leather-strap off and if you don't put too many cards into the wallet, it isn't bulky at all and could fit into a pocket. Nevertheless, it of course depends on your pocket size.

    Q: Can you still do wireless charging?

    A: Wireless charging is possible, depends on the quantity of the cards in it.


    Q: Is there a cover on the front? I am searching a phone case without a front cover.

    A: The Eton Armour case has no front cover. It covers the edges slightly. And of course there is the option for cards in the back.

    Q: Does the Eton Armour have a raised lip for front screen protection?

    A: Yes, there is indeed a raised lip for front screen protection all around.

    Q: Does the Eton Armour work with a wireless charger?

    A: Wireless charging works when the phone rests directly on the cargo bed. Depends on the quantity of the cards in it.

    Q: Does the it have RFID protection?

    A: Our phone cases do not have RFID protection. If you are looking for a card holder with RFID protection, check out our RFID protected wallets which might be a good fit.