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    “Vaultskin specializes in RFID-blocking wallets, offering an extra layer of protection with a sleek and compact design.”

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    “Elevate your everyday carry with Vaultskin's Notting Hill wallet – where style meets security, offering a tasteful design and a zippered compartment for ultimate organization.”

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    “The fact is that passport holders look and function roughly the same. But the key difference here is you've got RFID protection built into the leather case.”

  • «...slim wallet delivers exceptional value for money in a clean and minimalist package»

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    “The Vaultskin wallet has the best of all worlds. It’s slim and bi-fold for easy management, and it has RFID protection to offer high-level security to your personal items.”

  • «...most affordable, slim, RFID, stylish and professional... pull the strap and you're ready to go»

  • «Stylish functionality in a comfortably slender design - all you need in one secure place»

  • «Not only is it a protective phone case, it’s also a functioning wallet designed to hold up to 8 cards, cash or other valuables... Condense your essentials in a slim, stylish way!»

  • «This all-in-one solution is a great grab when you are nipping down the street for a quick purchase or simply out of the house!»

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